Tasks and Objectives of
World Energy Council Austria

In terms of the purpose of the World Energy Council the Austrian Member Committee acts as an organisation of service.
  • The organisation arranges the entry to international expertises of the only international uncommercial nongovernmental organisation.
  • By handling with current questions about the power industry in their board and on public events as well as by publications the organisation add to the distribution of knowledge and to the formation of opinions in cause of economy of energy and energy policy.
  • It is also a platform for statements by the members, which are inserted in other boards and to decision-makers.
  • It also acts in terms of generalisation of the energy economy and energy industry.
  • On the bases of the structure with high-ranking agents of the power industry, of science and administration as well as selected experts for all partitions of the power industry the organisation is in the position to carry out professional analysis to special questions of the power industry which are demanded internally or from the outside.
The conditions to meet these activities and targets are the involvement in the work of the World Energy Council by delegates from the Austrian Member Committee to congresses, conferences, consultations of teams and boards of this organisation, as well as the teamwork with national committees of the World Energy Council in all countries.

The wide field of activities of the Austrian Member Committee includes also the representation of the World Energy Council at conferences of other international organisations for example the representation of the complete organisation at the United Nations in Vienna (Vienna International Centre).

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