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Sep 06, 2023  
(04:00 PM) - (07:30 PM)

Strategic exchange of D-A-CH-WEC members

In the run-up to the 100th anniversary of WEC Austria, the D-A-CH-WEC members will meet for a strategic exchange as well as a festive reception. The aims of the event are to discuss the strategies and the role of the D-A-CH region in the World Energy Council, to discuss current energy policy issues and to […]

Sep 07, 2023  
(09:00 AM) - (07:15 PM)

100 Years World Energy Council Austria

As part of the centennial celebration taking place on September 7, 2023, we will take a look at the history of energy supply, or rather the history of WEC Austria. We will address the current challenges for energy supply and look ahead to the next 100 years. Detailed program information is available for download here. […]

Nov 09, 2023  
(01:00 PM) - (07:00 PM)

79th General Assembly WEC Austria

The Presidium and Board Meeting as well as the 79th General Assembly of the World Energy Council Austria will take place on November 9, 2023, starting at 1:00 PM. Venue and program will be announced in due time.

Apr 22, 2024 -
Apr 25, 2024

26th World Energy Congress, Rotterdam

Since 1924, the World Energy Council has invited the energy industry from around the world to address pressing energy issues, covering all aspects of the energy sector worldwide. The World Energy Congress acts as a platform for exchange on these and other energy policy issues and provides space for initiating intersectoral partnerships and knowledge transfer. […]