The 76th General Assembly on May 19, 2022 approved the minutes of the 75th General Assembly on November 17, 2021, took note of and approved the Annual Report 2021, approved the financial statements 2021 and discharged the Board of Directors and the Managing Director. Milica Vujačić, MSc, YEP Coordinator, presented the future programs of WEC Austria and reported on the current activities in the Young Energy Professionals program.

Christoph Lewisch resigned from his position on the Board of Directors; OMV AG nominated Eva-Maria Pusch as his successor on the Board of the World Energy Council Austria and the General Meeting confirmed her in this position.

Following the 76th General Assembly, a geothermal energy workshop was held.

The annual final energy use for heating and hot water production in Austria amounts to about 300 PJ. This makes it clear that without transforming the heating sector, the conversion to a climate-neutral energy system cannot succeed. In order to achieve the national target of a climate-neutral energy system by 2040, we need a rapid and radical transformation of our energy system, including in the heating and cooling sector. This effort can only succeed if we use the full range of the available technology portfolio. In addition to biomass technologies, direct solar energy use, local and district heating as well as waste heat and P2H technologies, the increased use of geothermal energy will therefore also play a role, says WEC-Austria President Dr. Michael Strugl.

20. May 2022 Inside WEC, News

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