The 77th General Assembly of November 10, 2022 approved the minutes of the 76th General Assembly of May 19, 2022 as well as the budget 2023.

The expired mandates of the Presidium members VD DI Thomas Gangl and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Schleicher were extended for another 3 years.

The expired mandates of the Executive Board members GF DI Karl Gruber, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Kienberger, GF DI Dr. Michael Marketz, VV DI Christian Purrer and GS Dr. Barbara Schmidt were extended for another 3 years.

Mag. Stefan Uher resigned from the Management Board. As his successor, Ernst&Young nominated Dr. Christina Khinast-Sittenthaler for the board of the World Energy Council Austria and the General Assembly elected her to this position.

Furthermore, the expired mandate of Mag. Mathias Hofmann as auditor was extended for another 3 years.

Our Young Energy Professionals were represented by the 7 YEP working groups, which reported on the status of the work as well as the goals for the coming year.

22. November 2022 Inside WEC, News

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