Innovation Insights Briefing on hydrogen

The topic of hydrogen is becoming an increasing political priority worldwide. Already 20 countries have published their own hydrogen strategies or plan to complete them in the coming months. More than 30 other countries support pilot and demonstration projects or are discussing selected policy steps for hydrogen use. The World Energy Council has now produced […]

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Innovation Insights – Energy Storage

As the global electricity systems are shaped by decentralisation, digitalisation and decarbonisation, the World Energy Council’s Innovation Insights Briefs explore the new frontiers in energy transitions and the challenges of keeping pace with fast moving developments. We use leadership interviews to map the state of play and case studies across the whole energy landscape and […]

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Innovation Insights – Hydrogen Economy

The World Energy Council launched the Innovation Insights Brief: “New Hydrogen Economy – hope or hype?”. The brief contains exclusive insights based on interviews with the key global leaders across the energy sector. Interviewees answered the questions about what is new and what are the critical factors for hydrogen as a key actor of the […]

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