Energy Efficiency: A straight path towards energy sustainability

Energy efficient technologies can be found in all parts of the energy conversion chain: from exploration and production of primary energy resources, to power generation and oil refineries to electricity grids, to the final use in industry, buildings and transportation. But it is not only the technical potential which is crucial for successful introduction of energy efficient technologies. To assess the full potential of such technologies and identify the path towards their successful market introduction, it is necessary to consider their economic, realisable and also realistic potential.


Introduction of energy efficiency policies and measures has been growing fast around the world. The increasing number of countries with an energy efficiency law signifies a strengthening and consolidation of the institutional commitment to energy efficiency.


This report gives an assessment of progress in reducing energy consumption. Overall, energy efficiency improvements have saved the world 3.1 gigatonnes (Gtoe) of primary energy consumption and 7Gt of CO2 over the last 15 years.