The annual World Energy Issues Monitor provides a unique insight into what energy policy makers, CEOs and leading experts identify as critical uncertainties and priorities for action. In doing so, against the backdrop of the crisis caused by the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, the energy transition agenda was reshaped and reset by surveying more than 2,500 energy leaders from 108 countries in 2021. The report shows:

For developing and emerging countries, the focus remains on access to energy, especially electricity. In this context, market design issues are also becoming increasingly important.

For industrialized countries, the further expansion of renewables and increasing energy efficiency, i.e., transforming the energy supply toward zero emissions as quickly as possible, are at the top of the agenda. Financing is also seen as a challenge.

In Austria, further economic development, the energy transition and cyber security risks are seen as both uncertain and relevant. Energy storage innovations and carbon abatement represent other relevant topics. Regional integration, decentralization, renewable energy, energy efficiency and urban design were identified as fields of action in Austria.

WEC Austria thanks all participants for their support, combined with the request for further good cooperation.

17. March 2021 Issues Monitor, News

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