YEP – Current Cycle

About the 4th cycle of our programme

The fourth cycle of our YEP program began on April 5, 2023. Following the call for proposals issued by WEC Austria in the fall of 2022, candidates expressed their interest in participating and were accepted into the YEP network. The program began with kick-off events at which the topics were developed and groups were formed.

Research institutions, including IHS, AIT and the Faculty of Finance at the University of Vienna, were involved in identifying the topics for the work. They also assist the YEP in developing the research topic.

In the 4th cycle, future perspectives on battery technologies, electromobility, energy education, electricity market models, heat transition and grids will be elaborated. The group size comprised 4-8 people.

As in previous cycles, the networking character plays a very important role within the YEP program.

The program started with one or two kick-off meetings. In these meetings, the participants and the topics were introduced. Regular telephone or web conferences, led by WEC Austria, maintain the flow of information and draw attention to current developments.

By means of bi-annual network meetings and workshops, contact between the groups is facilitated, which ensures a constant exchange of knowledge.

To support the work process, so-called milestones are defined. Milestone reports are submitted at regular intervals to assess the basic direction of the work and provide feedback.

In addition, YEP alumni are also involved in the work of the participants. Alumni play an advisory and supportive role. The work is finalized through presentation of the final report by the participants. At the end of the 4th cycle, all YEP will be transferred to the alumni platform.

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