Sustainability, innovation and urban energy solutions were in focus on 21 March 2019, when the Young Energy Professionals from WEC Austria visited the ASCR research cooperation in Aspern.

“Since 2013, ASCR has been carrying out one of the most innovative and sustainable energy efficiency demonstration cooperations in Europe,” said Robert Grüneis, Managing Director of ASCR. ASCR was founded by Siemens, Wien Energie, Wiener Netze, the Vienna Business Agency and Seestädter Entwicklungsgesellschaft Wien 3420.

The guiding principle of the ASCR is to optimize urban energy generation, storage and energy consumption in order to reduce CO2 emissions. Using real data from the power grid, various buildings, weather data and, last but not least, user energy data, the complex interrelationships of the energy system are analysed. Above all, the interaction with the inhabitants of the Urban Lakeside is essential for the project. The households actively participating in the research project have the opportunity to monitor and actively control their energy consumption with a specially developed app.

As part of the further work, in addition to deepening research in the areas of Smart Building and Smart Grid, the digitalisation of the energy system will become even more important. This includes, among other things, setting up a “data hub”. In addition, the ASCR team intends to work on new, data-based energy market models, Grüneis concludes.

During a tour of Aspern Seestadt, our Young Energy Professionals were able to gain an impression of Vienna’s largest urban development area.

Afterwards the status of the YEP project work was presented by Mag. Vera Fahrnberger (Industrial Processes), Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Richter (Storage & Networks), Ing. Momir Tabakovic, MSc. (Buildings), Dipl.-Ing. Reinhard Burgholzer (Austrian Climate and Energy Strategy #mission2030).

We would like to thank Mr. Robert Grüneis and the team of Aspern Smart City Research for the invitation!

23. March 2019 News, YEP

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