World Energy Perspectives: The road to resilience, 2016

Energy systems must be smarter, not just stronger, to withstand the risks from extreme weather events, the energy-water-food nexus and cyber-attacks. The “Road to Resilience” series shows the evolution of these risks, their impact on infrastructure and identifies measures to improve the financing conditions and resilience of global energy systems to cope with these new […]

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WEC Rules of Trade and Investment

The design of our future energy system is a key political task. The desired transition from a fossil to a renewable energy system presents many challenges, but also creates prospects and opportunities for the economy and the labor market.   The study highlights measures, through which the objectives of the energy, environmental and climate policy […]

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Energy-Water-Food Nexus

This report focuses understanding how the energy sector can better manage impacts on land and water whilst still aiming to balance the Energy Trilemma. The initial findings lay out the initial understanding of the risks posed by the energy-water-food nexus in the energy industry. By understanding how to technically and financially address these risks, the […]

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