Future Energy Leaders Program

Future Energy Leaders (FEL-100)

The Future Energy Leaders program of the World Energy Council (FEL-100) aims to promote and develop future (junior) executives in the energy sector.

Managers hold key operational positions. Today, they require a wide range of qualifications and competences. Needless to say, they have to be technically up to par; but they must also have social and methodological skills. In addition, they have to be able to manage and innovate. They demand a lot of sensitivity towards their employees as well as their ability to lead, motivate and promote their identification.

The FEL-100 program now aims to prepare young future leaders specifically for the management tasks in the energy sector. The World Energy Council gives the FEL-100 participants a big say. So the participants can design the program themselves by developing a FEL-100 research program or a FEL-100 vision. At the same time, the participants are already establishing a valuable network, which should also be helpful in their later careers.

It will also allow program participants to participate in the World Energy Council’s Energy Dialogue, to help develop a balanced energy policy and framework, and to research energy solutions for tomorrow. Participation in national and international events completes the FEL-100 program. There are in particular:

  • the annual Executive Assembly,
  • the annual World Energy Leader Summit,
  • the World Energy Congress in a three-years circle or
  • the periodic Trilemma Summit

The FEL-100 program is open to a limited number of ambitious young talents – each year 35 new Future Energy Leaders are invited – with WEC Austria selecting its candidates for the FEL-100 program from the YEP participant pool.

After three years, the FEL participation ends. Afterwards, the program participants receive a certificate and are invited to join the FEL alumni community.

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