Hydrogen Global was launched in 2019 by the World Energy Council as a platform to promote the deployment of clean hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels. Growing from the Council’s unparalleled global network of energy experts, Hydrogen Global assembles projects, programmes, and organisations working with hydrogen to raise their profile and help their voices reach the wider energy community. Hydrogen Global is a community that empowers hydrogen experts to share and find the best insights to make their projects succeed.

Hydrogen Global takes the shape of a charter that is signed by each of its participants. On this document, participants explain what the scope and objective of their work with hydrogen is. The charter is designed to bring to light the commitments that governments, companies and organisations have already made to deploying clean hydrogen. By collecting these commitments, Hydrogen Global helps situate the place of hydrogen within the larger energy landscape and show its viability as a mainstream energy vector.

WEC Austria would be pleased if you too were prepared to make a voluntary and non-binding statement on a future hydrogen economy. Explain your contribution to making this vision a reality in a document.

You can find out more about Hydrogen Global via the links on the right.

10. March 2020 Hydrogen Global, News

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