YEP Austria: Results from the Working Groups

The Young Energy Professionals (YEP) programme is an interdisciplinary network of young executives from members and partners of WEC Austria and is based on an initiative of the London WEC office.

The 1st cycle was launched in October 2015 and lasted until autumn 2018. The topics covered by the participants of the 1st cycle included the energy turnaround, investments and subsidies or the effects of digitisation on Austria’s energy industry. The results of the 1st cycle are available in the reports “Energy Future in Austria – Current Trends and Approaches for Innovations” and “Digitisation in the Energy Industry“.

The 2nd cycle started in February 2018 ended 2020. Future perspectives were developed in working groups on the topics of storage & grids, buildings, industrial processes, oil & gas and #emission2030. The final reports of the working groups on “buildings” and “storage & grids” are now available.