World Energy Perspective – Smart Grids

Smart grids are an essential element to facilitate this transformation and for achieving energy security, affordable energy and climate change mitigation—the three elements of the “energy trilemma. The WEC-Report highlights the current status og smart grids and best practice examples of successful smart grid development in different countries.

The significance of hydropower storage for the energy transition

Prognos AG was commissioned by the World Energy Council Germany to compile a study on the significance of international hydropower storage for the energy transition in Germany. A year after the launch of the energy transition, implementation issues have been discussed intensively. In this context, it needed to be clarified to what extent hydropower storage installations abroad can contribute to absorb excess electricity from renewable energy sources and to make back-up electricity available. In this context, the present expert report attempts to give a realistic assessment of the contribution of international hydroelectric storage capacities to the energy transition in Germany. In addition to Germany, countries such as Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria formed part of the survey, because they have large hydroelectric storage facilities. It will be discussed, inter alia, how these potentials can be utilised in an effective and economically viable manner.

Power generation between market and regulation

A study on behalf of the World Energy Council’s German Member Committee.

Global Transport Scenarios 2050

The World Energy Council (WEC) expects that transport fuel demand in the next forty years will come mainly from developing countries such as China and India, where demand will grow by 200% to 300%. In contrast, the transport fuel demand for the developed countries will drop by up to 20%, mainly due to increased efficiencies.


The report also sets out that oil may still fuel more than 80% of the global transport sector for the next 40 years due to strong demand growth from the heavy duty sector, shipping and air traffic.

Integration of renewable energies into the electrical supply system

A study on behalf of the World Energy Council’s German Member Committee.

Roadmap towards a competitive European energy market

WEC has recently been looking in depth into the question of market development to identify how current markets could evolve into a true EU internal electricity market. Based on the state of play of different European wholesale markets, WEC proposes a roadmap for the development towards a pan-European wholesale market. The roadmap should develop on regional and European level in parallel as regional markets are seen as an intermediary step.

Logistics Bottlenecks

This study is to examine the infrastructure required to move energy across international boundaries in the types and quantities projected to meet future energy requirements.